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“I can’t enough about Dr. D and the balloon sinuplasty that I had done. He’s one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet and the procedure was painless. After a week, I can breathe better than ever. I am recommending the balloon procedure to everyone I know.” – T. Duncan

“This doctor was well informed, and thorough! Staff all treated me with sweetness and were knowledgeable.” – V. Gordivier

“I was addicted to over the counter nasal spray for over 30 years. Dr. D performed Balloon Sinuplasty on my nose and I couldn’t believe the results. I have not used nasal spray since the day of my surgery and my nose is completely clear. I am living proof that this procedure works. The staff are also very friendly and will answer any questions you might have.” – C. Goss

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“I heard my grandchild laugh for the first time after visiting Vitale Institue. I highly recommend them.” -Jane S.

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